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Had great dental experiance.thank you smile center. Best Dentists in Beirut, Best Dentists in Lebanon, in the whole area


Haifa Khattab

Smile center is a very professional clinic and the most comfortable one,doctors are very up to date, Best Cosmetic Dentists in Lebanon.


Danielle Sfeir Karam

I would like to thank Dr Zakaket for his expertise.. U r the perfect choice of a perfect Smile

Nada Jawhar Mehyo

Hi, I had am amazing smile makeover. DR. Walid is far beyond professional, dedicated and outstanding. He is one of the best dentists in Lebanon.


Sima Nabti
I was one of Dr Walid Zalaket patients in Beirut. I left Lebanon without my before and after pictures and I would love to get them. As a lot of people in New Zealand have asked me about who my dentist is and it is about time I share it with them. Dr Zalaket is a legend!
Nisreen Aloosi
I am halfway through my magical Invisalign treatment with Dr. Zaid. He has been very helpful in finding ways to make the treatment work for me, and I could not be happier with the results so far! He also assisted with both my kids with braces, so we have been customers for a long time. Great office staff too! thanks to the layals :)
Lydia S.

Frequently Asked Question

There are many dental practices in which mercury is avoided. There are fewer dental practices skilled in the safe removal of this toxic substance. An amalgam filling should not simply be drilled down and removed. The exposure to mercury particles would be far too great with this approach. Hence, many dentists advise their patients to leave mercury fillings in place as long as they are intact.

There is specific protocol to remove the mercury in a way to grantee the patient safety, staff, doctor, and environment.

Porcelain is the most biocompatible, hypo-allergenic, non-metallic restorative material of which we are aware at this time.

One of the newest advances in dental implantology is the all-ceramic implants. Designed to promote bone growth and cater to patients with allergies or complications with metal implants, Ceramic implants are revolutionary. Made with the highest quality zirconia material, we can provide this type of dental implant at our patients’ requests. It will reduce the risk for allergic reaction in particularly sensitive patients.

Ceramic implants are hypoallergenic
If you choose zirconia implants, you don’t have to worry because of allergies, zirconium is hypoallergenic meaning that metal-free implants do not cause any strange reaction in your body.

More natural and esthetic result with Ceramic
There are two different reasons: using ceramic screws they cannot be noticed in case of very thin soft tissue (gums). Since zirconia components are white, they work and look like a normal dental root. After years, gums tend to recede leaving visible a little part of the implant.

Zirconia doesn’t conduct any electrical charge
Unlike titanium, zirconium dioxide is a non-conductivity material meaning that implants made of it do not interact with electromagnetic fields coming from devices like those we use daily (smartphone just to name the most used).

Recent studies reveled that non-conductivity is directly connected with less bacteria growth on the surface of the ceramic implants.

We prefer to use organic (Bio) toothpaste and mouthwash.

We use BisGMA Free (Free of Bisphenol A or B ) Dental composite (White Fillings) material.


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